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Thank you

For today, and for all the days motherhood can feel like a thankless job, I want to say thank you. I want to scream at the top of my lungs THANK YOU! Thank you for creating my future daughter in law.  Thank you for giving her your sass, the same sass that is driving you […]

Witching Hour

The supermoon on a Tuesday Is a powerful phenomenon A promised conjuring of utmost peculiarity It fleshes out the eerie from the mundane The magic from the ordinary And it awakens the witch within the maiden I bet you’ve never heard my evil laugh Well listen closely Because my mind is gone And I’m in […]

Part 2

and I never even hated it I chased it I basked in it my eyes rolling in the end with the boredom of my endless possibilities -T


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About Me

I’m Trish Di Stefano: an idealist, recovering perfectionist and weekend glutton. I’m known as Mama to an ultra-lovable goofball named Leo, and am future Mom to a much adored little girl. I’m an aspiring writer, a sometimes yoga instructor, and a full-time marketing specialist. My greatest loves are morning muffins, super floppy paperbacks, and the sound of my husband and son’s conjoined laughter. 

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