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What’s it really like to be pregnant?

Everyone around me is happy for me. Everyone around me is congratulating me. And I don’t want to complain about something I believe is life’s ultimate privilege, but pregnancy is not glamorous. And it still feels like we aren’t supposed to talk about that part. We’re expected to be happy at every stage of the […]

Is it Possible I Have More Time as a Mom?

It’s easy to feel as though most days don’t have enough hours, am I right? There always seems to be something unfinished, a chore undone, a to-do unchecked. But recently I stopped to really think about it, and it turns out I may actually have more time now than I did before becoming a mom. […]

Mom Moments

It’s all moments. All of it. The tantrums, The depression, The happiness, The euphoria, The desperation, The monsoon of tears, And the deep belly laughter. It all comes in moments. And moments are fleeting, which is two-fold. The bad things that feel like they will last forever don’t. The shitty phases pass, But the amazingness […]


Can we stop comparing ourselves to the mom next door? Sure she might look like she’s got it all together in the mornings, waving a free hand while the other holds a green smoothie and her kids calmly gather themselves into that beautiful car you swear visits the car wash multiple times a week. Read […]


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I’m Trish Di Stefano: an idealist, recovering perfectionist and weekend glutton. I’m known as Mama to an ultra-lovable goofball named Leo, and am future Mom to a much adored little girl. I’m an aspiring writer, a sometimes yoga instructor, and a full-time marketing specialist. My greatest loves are morning muffins, super floppy paperbacks, and the sound of my husband and son’s conjoined laughter. 

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