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The Feeling Passes

I wasn’t sure what the point of this essay would be. It felt like just another mom rant until I stepped away from the computer for ten minutes before coming back to finish. Ten minutes of the rage being off my chest and out of my body, and the message became clear. The feeling passes. […]

Why I Want To Stop Telling My Daughter She’s Perfect

I want to stop telling my daughter she’s “perfect”. I mean, she is, but I need her to know it isn’t dependent on anything. ANYTHING. She’d be perfect without those baby blues, without her porcelain doll skin. She’ll be perfect if she decides she doesn’t want to smile all the time anymore. She’ll be perfect when […]

Moms, How Can I Help You?

There are a lot of mothers who need help right now. This article is for them. I’ve had a hard time sitting down to write for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t had much “free” time because I’m in one of those stages of Mom life where solo moments are few and far between. […]

You Can Be Anything, Even If It Makes You Smile

When I was young and pliable, I was told I could be anything. That I had all the tools needed to be ultra successful. I was the type of kid who found validation in pleasing the authority figures in my life, so my vision of success was what I imagined their vision of success was. […]


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I’m Trish Di Stefano: an idealist, recovering perfectionist and weekend glutton. I’m known as Mama to an ultra-lovable goofball named Leo, and am future Mom to a much adored little girl. I’m an aspiring writer, a sometimes yoga instructor, and a full-time marketing specialist. My greatest loves are morning muffins, super floppy paperbacks, and the sound of my husband and son’s conjoined laughter. 

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