About Me

My name is Trish. I am an idealist, recovering perfectionist and weekend glutton. I am Mom to an ultra-lovable goofball named Leo, and future Mom to a much adored little girl. I am an aspiring writer, a sometimes yoga instructor, and a full-time marketing specialist.

My greatest loves are morning muffins, super floppy paperbacks, and the sound of my husband and son’s conjoined laughter.

My heroes are used bookshop owners, selfless people, and anyone (especially young individuals) who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

I use and love technology, but firmly believe that we’d be happier without it, surrounded by books and wildflowers.  I feel so strongly that life should be infinitely simpler than what we have turned it into. That we are all beautiful, that we are all deserving of love and acceptance. That deep down, this is all any of us really wants anyway.

I have always had deep beliefs, but I’ve also lived most of my life without the courage to voice them.  I can be a tad lazy, a lot selfish, and way too fixated on whether people think highly of me.  I have probably spent too much time trying to please others, but I think that through this blog I can use that part of myself in a positive way. I really, really, REALLY love to help people.

I think we’re all on a quest for purpose, and maybe mine is to spread good vibes as far as I can reach. This blog is about sharing the good things in life that work for me: the philosophy, the daily rituals, the parenting hacks, and the spiritual and physical nourishment…All in the hopes that they will work for you too.  I have often read that the Buddha discouraged people from believing his teachings without trying them first — and I love that — so I urge you NOT to believe anything I write.  Instead I hope to motivate you to try something new, and see for yourself what you are capable of…