Why I Want To Stop Telling My Daughter She’s Perfect

I want to stop telling my daughter she’s “perfect”. I mean, she is, but I need her to know it isn’t dependent on anything. ANYTHING. She’d be perfect without those baby blues, without her porcelain doll skin. She’ll be perfect if she decides she doesn’t want to smile all the time anymore. She’ll be perfect when she goes through her awkward phases, when she gets acne in her teens. If she gains fifty pounds and if she loses fifteen pounds, her perfection will never waiver in my eyes. But all of these things are precisely why I want to stop using that damn word. Because what the hell does perfect mean anyway?

Read the full article here: https://medium.com/the-motherload/why-i-want-to-stop-telling-my-daughter-shes-perfect-1ff2117025c3

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