Mom Moments

It’s all moments.

All of it.

The tantrums,

The depression,

The happiness,

The euphoria,

The desperation,

The monsoon of tears,

And the deep belly laughter.

It all comes in moments. And moments are fleeting, which is two-fold.

The bad things that feel like they will last forever don’t.

The shitty phases pass,

But the amazingness zooms by too.

The adorable phases are gone too soon.

The easy phases are short-lived.

The naps in your arms, the head on your shoulder,

That one perfect outfit, or tiny pair of shoes — everything is outgrown.

So we have to learn to breathe through all of it.

Breathe through the lost patience that threatens to rip out of our chest.

Breathe through the silent moments of bliss with a hot coffee.

We have to be present for as much of it as possible,

So we can find the color within the harsh outlines,

And immerse ourselves in the rainbows.

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