Why I Don’t Dread Bath Time Anymore

There are a lot of tedious parenting tasks. Bath time is one of them for me; it’s just not my favorite. But my son loves the water, so I feel like I should at least give him enough time to enjoy it. During that time, there are a good 10 to 15 minutes where I’m just watching him so he doesn’t stand up or fall over. I have to stay in the bathroom obviously so there isn’t much I can get done. I usually scroll through Instagram for the fourteen thousandth time that day. But then last night, while I was filling up the tub and my husband was stripping down the babes in the other room, it hit me — my skin could be microdermabrasing.

Read the full article on @Medium here: https://medium.com/a-parent-is-born/why-i-dont-dread-bath-time-anymore-e25b92abd913


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